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VibePlate Yoga Plate


The VibePlate Yoga Plate is the perfect size for your yoga mat.  This machine comes in both steel and aluminum options.  GREAT for taking your pilates routine up 100 notches.   Balance yoga positions that have become easy for you are now a real workout again with the vertical vibration of this machine. Try alternating arm planks with weights on the Yoga Plate—with a 2400 lb weight capacity the sky is the limit!  Huge platform can easily accommodate two people.   

  • Vertical Motion
  • 10-60HZ
  • 2 MM Amplitude
  • 2400 lb Weight Capacity
  • 24” x 72” Platform
  • 24” x 72” Assembled Size
  • 120 lbs Aluminum Model, 250lbs on Steel Model
  • 110 Volt 60HZ Required Voltage

There are many different features on all of our vibration machines that are designed to provide users with unique benefits. Please call us today to help find the right machine for you.

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