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DKN XG10 Vibration Machine


Wow! This machine gives you all the great benefits of the XG-05, but with a whopping 12 G’s of power.  The linear motion of this machine is the best for building muscle—especially the ones that are hard to target in everyday workout routines, such as your pelvic floor.   Increase bone density and all around muscle mass, increase blood flow and hormone secretion. Nothing is missed on this machine—from powerful motor, to the carbon reinforced steel design that is as beautiful as it is strong, you will love this machine for years to come.


  • Linear Motion
  • 12 G-Force
  • 20-50HZ
  • 1-3.4 MM Amplitude
  • 7 Settings
  • 5 Preset Workouts
  • 330 lb Weight Capacity
  • 33.5” x 26” Platform
  • 33.5’ x 26” x 55” Assembled Size
  • 160 lbs Assembled Unit
  • 110 Volt 60HZ Required Voltage
  • Includes Resistance Bands
  • Includes DVD Tutorial
  • Includes Exercise Guide
  • 2 Year Full Warranty

There are many different features on all of our vibration machines that are designed to provide users with unique benefits. Please call us today to help find the right machine for you.

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