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When my daughter was young, she hit all her milestones as the doctors said she was supposed to...but then she just stopped reaching them.  I questioned doctors, they said everything was fine. "All children develop at their own pace" I was told. But after a year of people telling me not to worry, all of a sudden I was now being told I needed this evaluation and that one.  Eventually she was diagnosed with autism.  Worst day ever for me. Crazy, sad thoughts go through your head about what you'll never see your child do and wondering if they will ever be able to take care of themselves or have a family of their own.

I'm an optimist, so I went to doctor after doctor, searching for the one who would say that all the others were wrong. But that never happened.  For years.  

Then I found an amazing doctor.  He believed in detoxing instead of drugging.  He believed in healing the gut.  We immediately got my daughter on a program of digestive enzymes and probiotics, antioxidants, a Casein free diet (this one was a big one for us), no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial dyes or processed foods. 

Not long after, she started to talk.  It was very hard to understand, but it was something...and it was beautiful to me.

This doctor helped make my amazing daughter who she is today; he was my hero.  He explained things I had never heard of before. Everyday maintenance of our bodies needs to be done.  It's hard--kids, work, commutes... But, no matter what, we need to carve out time every single day for taking care of our bodies.  We need to make sure we are drinking enough (very filtered) water, eating right, limiting the amount of artificial anything that goes into our bodies, finding time to exercise. Just because you're skinny doesn't mean you're healthy!!

My goal is to bring you all the great things I've found that have helped us get through that rough time and made differences in our lives--especially things to get those toxins out of our bodies! Exercise doesn't just help you lose weight, it also helps improve the function of your body--there is not enough time in this life for feeling run down. We should all have a life that is as long and happy as it can possibly be. Lets get there together!!



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