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Vibration Types

Motion of Platforms

Not all motions are the same!  This is the most important part of your vibration machine decision.  Different motions have dramatically different effects on the body.  The machine that focuses on building muscle is not going to be the same machine you want if your concern is detoxification.

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Sonic Sound Vibration

Sonic Vibration uses magnetic circuits in conjunction with a powerful speaker system.  These systems are much quieter than mechanical vibration.  It is a softer, more natural motion with the same or greater results. These machines are great for lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, pain reduction, weight loss, detoxification and, on the higher settings, also effective for muscle building and toning.  These machines are just awesome, you will be amazed at how sound  waves can make your body feel, and when you get off the machine, you retain that feeling.  They are addicting, you will want to do more than one session a day just because of how you feel after you're done.  The down side to these machines are that they are a bit more expensive than other machines. Click here to shop sound vibration machines


This is a see-saw motion.  The platform alternates--one side goes up while the other goes down repeatedly. These machines are able to go down to 5HZ which is the best for increasing lymphatic drainage and detoxing your body of waste.  The higher HZ range on these machines also make them great for increased circulation and bone density, Lymphatic improvement, pain reduction, and detoxification. Click here to shop oscillating/pivotal machines


Linear machines (move straight up and down like a jack hammer) are great for building muscle, but is a very rough motion for your body.  Today the linear motion has been upgraded to a tri-planar motion.  Tri-planar move up and down like a linear machine, but also forward and backwards, so you get the muscle building effects of a linear machine, but without the wear and tear on your joints.  Tri-Planar machines are great for weight loss, muscle toning, bone density, but you will also see some benefits in circulation and detoxification.  But again, consider your needs/goals.  If you are more concerned with detoxification and lymphatic drainage, you may wan a pivotal, spiral or sonic machine. Click here to shop tri-planar/linear machines


These machines combine the oscillating and tri-planar motors creating a figure-8 motion.  This motion is gentle on the back and joints.  These machines are ideal for weight loss, lymphatic drainage and circulation. These two motors may be run separately, giving you the additional  benefits of muscle toning, reduction in swelling and improvements in bone density.  If you want the most bang for your buck these machines are the way to go. Click here to shop orbital/spiral/dual machines


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