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Sonix Professional Vibration Machine


KooSonic machines use a bass speaker to create vibrations.  These machines are quieter than standard mechanical machines, and very gentle on the body while still being effective; Sonic machines are truly the best. Designed for professional use, this machine sends waves of infrasound through the user engaging muscles not easily reached with traditional exercise routines. It has 12 preset modes and one manual mode and with a weight capacity of 551 lbs, this machine caters to all users.   The 34" x 36" platform is one of the largest in the market, and it ranges from 3-50HZ, enabling users to use the machine alone, or perform a large variety of exercises on the unit making each exercise exponential more beneficial. This machine includes an MP3 jack.  Sonic wave exercise can increase strength by over 30% if combined with weight training.

  • MP3 Audio Jack
  • 3 G-Force
  • 3-50HZ
  • 10 MM Amplitude
  • 99 Settings
  • 12 Preset Workouts
  • 1 User Defined Workout
  • 551 lb Weight Capacity
  • 34” x 36” Platform
  • 34” x 36” x 57” Assembled Size
  • 187 lbs Assembled Unit
  • 100-240 Volt 50/60HZ Required Voltage
  • 1 Year Full Warranty
  • 2 Additional Years Warranty on Parts

There are many different features on all of our vibration machines that are designed to provide users with unique benefits. Please call us today to help find the right machine for you.

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