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Poor Circulation

If you have poor circulation, the most beneficial vibration types for you will be oscillating, spiral and sound vibration. Oscillating/pivotal machines move in a see-saw motion.  One side goes up and the other goes down and vice-versa (similar to a walking motion).  This gentle motion is great for massage, lymphatic drainage, blood flow and circulation.  Spiral machines have this same pivotal motor along with a tri-planar motor (up-down/front-back).  These two motors can be used independently or together.  When used together they make a figure-8 motion.  This is an extremely gentle motion on the gel areas of the spine and joints, with many benefits such as lymphatic drainage, improved circulation, improved bone density, pain reduction, detoxification and muscle building on the higher hertz ranges.  The final category, sound machines, use high powered speakers to create very smooth, soothing vibrations.  These motions relax you, detox you and can also build muscle on higher settings and are the most gentle on the body.  Vibration machines cause contractions of muscles.  These contractions enhance circulation and  microcirculation.

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